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Puppy Proofing Your House and Home

Congratulations on your decision to get a puppy. You’ve done your research for the perfect breed that will fit your home and your lifestyle and now you’ve picked out the best of the litter from a breeder, you now need to start puppy proofing your home. This is when the hard work starts but if you take a few simple steps now before your puppy arrives it will save you time and your first day with your puppy will be less stressful, not only will you be happy and relax so will your puppy. Puppy proofing your home is very, very important for your well being, your puppy and family. If you take the time to puppy proof your house ahead of time will be able to rest easy when your new puppy arrives in your home.

So here are my top tips on how to puppy proof your house and home.

First you need to look around your home through your puppies eyes. This may sound strange but the only way you will see the dangers that lurk in every room for your puppy is to get down on all fours. The lower you can get the better. I would also recommend that you take with you a pad and a pen and jot down any potential hazards that you see.

If you write all the problems that you see down, as you go from room to room you will save yourself time in the long run. One of the easiest ways to puppy proof your home is to limit the area your puppy will be allowed to enter.

When looking round each room from your puppies perspective you need to take into consideration.

1 Low hanging wires ( puppy will have a lovely time chewing these A thick, cable protector can also be placed over the cables, to make them chew-proof.)

2 Potted plants (some plants can be very poisons to dogs so please take care)

3 Breakable ornaments should be put away in a cabinet.

4 Doors to the oven, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, tumble-dryer and washing machine should always be kept closed. Put notes on the doors to remind people to check inside before using them.

5 Shoes should be put away, if your puppy chews the laces this can be very harmful and it may cost you a fortune to keep replacing shoes.

6 Check the lower sections of bookshelves and replace any valuable books with telephone directories, or something you don’t mind being a bit chewed.

7 Always put away your plastic shopping bags these are a real hazard.

8 Fit child locks on floor level kitchen cupboards, especially if there are cleaning materials and dried dog food inside.

9 Always close the toilet seat (many puppies have drowned)

10 Remove or shorten hanging tablecloths – puppies are experts in clearing a fully-laid table!

11 Shorten dangling blind and curtain cords, and keep them secure (your puppy could get tangled up and strangle itself).

12 Food scraps must always be cleared away promptly make sure you kitchen bin or trash can is substantial enough that your puppy can’t knock it over. (Remember Chicken bones can be very dangerous, as they splinter when chewed and the string that can be found on joints is also irresistible and potentially deadly.)

13 Remember to remove cleaning materials in the bathroom put them in a cupboard.

14 Keep your kitchen counter tops clean and clear, so your puppy won’t get in the habit of jumping up to inspect them.

15 One tip that I was given and it really helped, if you can take a blanket to the dog breeders before you pick your Lab puppy up and ask them to put it in the basket with the mum. This will be a familiar smell for the puppy and it will make it feel at home.

Why not include the whole family in the puppy proofing process give them a list and ask them to help prepare the home for your new arrival.

Puppy proofing is a serious issue and it pays to take the time to do it well. In short, to puppy proof your home means to make sure nothing dangerous is in reach, creating a safe environment for your puppy. It’s your job as a responsible pet owner; to puppy proof your house to make it safe from them and to protect your belongings. If you take these few simple steps you will find your first day will be a real joy. Good luck with your puppy training journey.

Declutter House and Home

Clutter has a way of sneaking up on us. The decluttering process is based on five classic organizing principles. Understand these principles and you can declutter your house, your apartment, your office, or even your garage.

  1. Removal: Probably the most difficult part of decluttering. Remove what you don’t need. This can mean throw it in the trash, give it away or sell it. You need to be brutal with this, or otherwise you will only be rearranging the clutter. The old rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used an item for two years you can safely let it go. The very brave can cut that down to one year.
  2. Grouping: Take the survivors of the removal process and group similar items together. This is the very basis of organization itself. It helps you locate everything you need for a particular task in one place. Mail items should be together, working out equipment in the same area, etc. Imagine if your cookware was all over the house, how much do you think that would slow down your cooking?
  3. Deployment: You need to have easy access to the things you use in your house. This means thinking about the workflow of the space and where you want things to be placed. If you use something often, then it will need to be in the space that you use it and be as close to at hand as possible. If something is hardly used, then it can be placed further away; on a high shelf, in the back of a cabinet or even in the garage.
  4. Containers: This is the basic unit of organization; they contain the chaos by keeping your stuff grouped together. You cannot organize without appropriate containers; bookshelves for books, closets for clothes, drawers for underwear.

You can declutter house and home armed with these principles, though it may take a while to get your clutter completely under control without some guidance. Professional organizers have developed decluttering systems that allow you to declutter quickly. Using these professional decluttering methods can cut the time you spend organizing in half or more.

Declutter House and Home With a New Highly Effective Declutter

Declutter house and home with the following highly effective declutter technique.

Gather up the clutter, let’s say it’s in your bedroom, and place it on your bed. When it’s time for bed you will have to remove the clutter from the bed. If you are tired, which you are as it’s bedtime, you probably aren’t going to want to put all the clutter in it’s proper place so what you do is place it on the chair that you will be using tomorrow, maybe it’s the chair you use when you are at your computer or the chair you sit in when you watch TV.

Next morning guess what there’s the clutter on your chair. Now you have two choices you can deal with the clutter or put it back on your bed. Are you getting the idea? Sure you can work all day on your computer but at night when you want to go to sleep you will have to once again move all the clutter to your favorite chair and on arising you will be forced to put it back onto your bed.

Very quickly you will get very tired of this ritual of moving clutter back and forth, back and forth and you will confront your clutter and deal with it.

Don’t make it easy on yourself by putting all your clutter in a bag or a box so that you can pick it all up and move it in one easy swoop. Make it tough leave all the the items out so it is difficult to transport it to the chair and back to the bed, back and forth. Obviously if you make it easy with a box it will be easier to put it off. The more difficult it is the harder it is to put off. You want the difficulty of transporting it back and forth more difficult then it is to deal with the clutter.

It’s like a teeter tooter or a balance. When the difficulty of NOT dealing with the clutter exceeds the difficulty of dealing with the clutter (the teeter tooter or balance tips the other direction) then and only then will you declutter house, home and bedroom. Makes total sense doesn’t it? HAHAHA You’ve got to admit, yes it does. And the bottom line is this technique works, you will deal with it and declutter your home.

You can also declutter office and car with this method.

In your car put any clutter on the drivers seat. Man talk about a nuisance.

To declutter your office put the clutter in the way so it will be such a nuisance for you that you will eventually have to deal with it. You could put it right smack on your desk where you do all your work so you have to move your chair or your body to a more awkward position in order to get your work done. If you don’t work at a desk you’ll figure something out.

Time to Update Your House and Home Furniture

As the spring season is here, it is time to update your house and home furniture to modern and fun! In the past years I’ve learned some great easy and quick ways to update my home as the seasons change to liven up my space. Here are some of those amazing ways to make your home fun and chic:

    1. Change the pillow covers or add pillows if you are lacking in your living room. There are so many home decorating stores that offer super affordable decorating pillows for your living room and bedroom. You can also create your own pillows and all you need to do is purchase that beautiful pillow cover that offers color and texture to any room in your home and stuff it with cotton. I can’t have enough pillows, I am currently at nine pillows in my living room and seven pillows in my bedroom (many are different textures, sizes, and colors in harmony). I would love to add to my pillow collection so I am always on the lookout for more. Your bedroom is your sanctuary so I would not skip on buying high quality pillows and pillow covers since you spend a quarter of your day sleeping on it.

    1. Move around your night, side, or end tables and mix them up or stop by your nearest home decorating store to purchase an affordable little table. If you want to change or retouch a table, you can purchase a cheap plastic wardrobe and use it as a spray painting tent to avoid the hassle of covering everything up when you spray paint something. Moving your tables around will feel as though you purchased new home furniture and if you change the colors it will definitely liven up your personal space.

    1. Lately I’ve been into small plants! I just love how affordable they are and these add such a unique touch to your home. You can place them pretty much anywhere and there are a variety of textures, sizes, and colors. Most indoor plants are also super low maintenance. You can use colored pencil buckets, old wine and beer wooden boxes, or even galvanized steel tubs to use as pots for your plants. If it does not have any drainage, make sure to add gravel at the bottom to help absorb leftover water.

  1. Rearrange your frames! I have seen some amazing decorating ideas in house and home magazines such as monochromatic frames of all size placed on one wall (approximately 15 to 20 frames). You can place them in one clutter or arrange them throughout an accent wall or plain wall and even add a large and beautiful mirror in the center to create the illusion of a bigger space. You can purchase used frames of all types in Craigslist, yard sales, swap meets, or flea markets and spray paint them all with one color using the tent described above. You can pretty much paint them with any one color.