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Open House For Home Buyers

In markets where there are numerous homes and properties for sale, there are often ‘open houses’ where prospective buyers and clients would come in and check out home and property units. The practice has been one of the most usual and proven effective tactics and measures to further convince and entice buyers to transact purchase activities.

For sure you have gone to an open house. You surely have seen and checked out the interiors and exteriors of units that are currently available in the market. You could also have been enticed to buy or at least almost buy. Thus, you can be a living testimony that indeed, open houses are instrumental in making real estate and home building firms’ revenues and income concrete.

But did you know that there are studies and polls that prove otherwise? In the United States alone, a 2004 research conducted by industry body National Association of Realtors indicate that about 87% of home and property buyers really find open houses highly useful in their endeavors to search appropriate houses. However, the study has also found out that a good number of people going to such open houses are not very serious about the prospects from the activity.

Out of purpose

This brings about a new and modern perception and issue about open houses and home hunting. Some analysts and experts explain that some people are not really observing the usefulness of open houses simply because those people are in the first place not intending to buy prior to going to open houses. However enticing and convincing an open house is, if the prospective buyer does not intend to make the purchase due to lack of budget or other factors, nothing can come out of the activity.

In fact, many goers to open house activities these days openly admit that they only go to kill time or entertain themselves in a usually idle Sunday afternoon. Some people only go to check out the latest in designs, while others simply want to peek at how the neighborhoods’ kitchens look like. Still, many go with groups just to find exciting places to chit chat and have gossips.

Still effective

Real estate and home players reiterate that whatever the purpose of goers is, open houses are still serving their purpose. Sales figures and expressions of interest are already enough to prove that indeed, the market is still persuaded and eluded by modern and display units at open houses.

That is why many villages, condominiums and other home and real estate centers are still offering and conducting open house activities. As a marketing activity and tool, such sales activities undoubtedly are still among the most effective and most reliable. An open house is still a good way to break a ground and pave the ground to entering the interests and attention of the ever-demanding and discerning market.

Green House & Healthy Family

As Earth Day, April 22, approaches, it’s time to green your life, inside and out. Everyone knows about CFL light bulbs, low-flow showerheads and reusable grocery totes, but there’s lots of other ways to green up your world. Here are 10 items for the home and personal care that can make your life greener, cleaner and healthier.

Round the Green House

Good Air Day

Everyone at home can breathe easier with the energy efficient ultra-quiet Blueair Air Purifier, which continuously monitors and removes 99.97% of all airborne contaminants such as pollen, pet dander, mold spores, smoke and dust. The new E-series air purifiers come complete with a built-in digital display and remote control. Bed Bath and Beyond. Prices start at $449.95.

Green Wash

Clean your clothes using less detergent and no harsh chemicals with the Robby Wash Laundry Ball by Oransi, an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic laundry detergent ball that can do the work of 75 lbs. of traditional laundry detergent and lasts up to 12 months and is safe for baby’s laundry. Safe enough for newborn laundry. $32.95.

Great Good-for-You Snacks

Ice Ice Yummy

I scream, you scream, we all scream for alternatives to sugary treats and soft drinks for kids. Now there’s Power Ice, a delicious, healthy frozen snack that helps quench thirst and replace electrolytes with 0 grams of fat and cholesterol and no caffeine, high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Lime Kicker and Orange Blast flavors come in packs of three for $1.99. Available at drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

Happy Trails

Bear Naked Granola and Trail Mixes contain all-natural whole grains, fiber and protein for energy and nutrition that’s easily portable in two-ounce packs perfect for throwing in a backpack or jacket pocket for healthy boost on strolls, bikes, hikes or camping trips. 12 oz. mixes from $3.50 to $5, 12 two-ounce bags $15. Available at grocery stores nationwide or

Strip Up

Kids can enjoy the taste of fresh fruit wherever they are with Stretch Island Fruit Strips. They’re easy to carry along on a stroll, shopping trips, at sports games or wherever you might want a nourishing snack. For a pick-me-up for moms and dads, all natural FruitaBu Rolls Fruit Rolls by Stretch Island Fruit Co. offer a whole serving of fruit and are perfect for a healthy deskside snack. As a bonus, your purchase of Stretch Island fruit snacks helps fund The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and “Fruit Tree 101’s” which as planted 1,000 fruit trees and shrubs at schools across the country. $13.99 for a 30-ct. pack of Stretch Island Fruit Strips or $.49 each. $3.60-$3.99 for box of six FruitaB├╝ Rolls. Costco, Kroger, Walmart, or Target.

Naturally Healthy

The Nose Knows

Everyone from Oprah to the guy in the next cubicle extols the wonders of the neti pot, the drug-free way to clear stuffy sinuses, and SinuCleanse Neti Pot has done the nasal washing vessel one better by making it a clear blue plastic so that the user can easily see if the saline solution is fully mixed for proper use. For little noses, SinuCleanse Kid’s Mist provides quick relief with a gentle nasal spray safe for infants to relieve nasal discomfort. CVS. Walgreens. Both $14.99.

Now You’re Talking Cool

When tiny tots have sore throats, Children’s Throat Cooler offers icy relief in the form of a non-medicated frozen Grape or Strawberry treats that cool and sooth with immune-boosting ingredients including pure honey and Vitamin C. Sold in multi-packs of six pre-portioned single-serve.8 fl. oz/25 ml pouches. CVS and Rite Aid. $3.99 to $4.99.

Literally Eat Us Out Of House And Home

Most people living in a warm climate have had some kind of problems with creatures that want to eat their homes seemingly right from under them. These creatures cannot distinguish in a piece of old wood or the wonderful artifact that has been handed down through several generations. Indeed, all they see is food, food and more food. To get rid of these munching machines is no easy task and it is time to call in the experts when any infestation is noted. Indeed, termite and pest control is a rather specialized subject if only for the types of chemicals that is used. Termite bait is often highly poisonous and must be kept away from where small hands or even the pets can get at it.

Probably the first sign that there is something going on is the fine dust that is noted around wooden objects. This can be furniture or cupboards, or even beams that are holding the house up. They are not really bothered what they eat as long as they have a never-ending supply of food.

Perhaps long brown earth like tubes are spotted too leading from skirting boards right up to ceiling boards. This is the above ground tunnels that the creature builds so that it can traverse the inedible part of the structure, the wall, to get to where the good stuff is in the roof space. They need to build the tubes so that their bodies do not dry out while they are going from one place to another. Of course, this is normally done underground but when it comes to above ground sources of food, then they just build what they need to get around.

One way to check to see if the infestation is active is to brush away an inch or two of the tubes and see how quickly it takes to come back. If it does, then it is obvious that there is an infestation and the experts must be called in.

Another way to check is to tap on beams or furniture to see if they sound hollow. These creatures eat the wood from the inside out. They can even eat right up to where the varnish or paint has been put on so very often people will not realize they are there until it is much too late.

Although the old method of extermination is still used, there are more modern methods on the market which seem to be much more efficient and cost-effective. This consists of sinking tubes, at regular intervals, around the building every couple of feet or so. These tubes house a ‘feeding station’ which is checked regularly. The operative keeps an eye on where the poison is being eaten and will continue to replenish the tube until there is no more activity which means that the queen has died and the colony along with her. What brings the others to this exact spot is that once a food source has been found, these clever creatures lay scent trails to show others where to eat. This, in the end, is their demise.

House and Home Security Alarm

Home Security systems

There are a lot of different home security companies, and even more different types of systems to choose from. It’s advertised as this end all solution to crime and people breaking into your home, but before you invest in such a system it is important that you make sure you use a reputable company with high standards. Also it’s nice to know what the laws are that govern how this company responds to alarms. Some advertise that they call the police immediately, but in some cases this is not true. Yes, someone will respond, but it might be private security. If this is the case, it still is not a deal breaker, but it is important that you know what security company they use and try to get some information on that companies reputation. The right private security company is just as reliable as the police, just do your homework and know who exactly will be knocking on your door when the alarm goes off.

It’s also important to know how to best utilize your alarm system. Some can be very complicated so if you’re not the type of person who gets into high tech equipment try to keep your alarm simple and easy to operate. An alarm system is only good if you know how to operate it. Usually alarms are set up with passwords and on keypads so generally speaking as long as you can remember passwords you should be good. If you have a family hold a “training meeting” so everyone in your family knows how to operate the system. Make sure your children understand what it is, what it does and that it is not a toy. It’s even more important that they understand what to do if an alarm goes off.

There are also different types of alarms; the two main ones that I think of are silent alarms and vocal alarms. There are also systems that utilize both types. Silent alarms will most likely be routed to a call center. Vocal alarms could be thought of as a car alarm. Vocal alarms are very good as scaring away intruders, but also keep in mind how annoying car alarms are when they go off because a shopping cart rolled by, then they keep going off for the next 20 minutes for no reason at all. The same thing can happen with your house alarm, and if you are not home, depending on when it goes off your going to have some very unhappy neighbors to deal with when you return. Also, depending on your area you live there can be fines for false alarms, so not only will your neighbors be a little distraught, but you might feel your wallet become a little lighter.

For the elderly an alarm system can save a life. Alarm systems can be used for much more than scaring away an intruder. They can be used for fire or medical emergency. When you’re away from home you will have the confidence that if something happens someone will be notified. The commercial with the elderly women yelling “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” is mocked over and over, but in reality its no joke, and this scenario has been played out in real life by many people who have been saved by an alarm system.

Great Way to Get Affordable Home Renter Coverage

Many individuals complain that home renter insurance is beyond their reach because of the high rent that the landlord charges. Each and every individual has right to determine the value of his or her property. If your landlord is of the opinion that the house in which you live is a valuable asset, you may be asked to pay a very high rent.

The fact that you do not earn enough to obtain home renter insurance as well as pay your high rent is definitely a valid excuse. However, you should always inculcate the tendency to never accept excuses as far as home renter insurance is concerned.

If you do not have sufficient money, then you should have to take steps to either earn more money or bring down your expenses. If none of this work, you should not hesitate to switch your house to bring down your rent. There is no point in living in an expensive house with all your possessions destroyed and with no means to repair or purchase it again. On the other hand, living in a small house with the knowledge that all your possessions are safely covered by the insurance policy is a completely different thing.

If you do not want to make such a sacrifice, then you should make use of the World Wide Web. The web is one of the best places to find affordable home renter cover. You just have to
– log on to the web,
– get in touch with the right website,
– enter the State in which you live and
– specify your insurance requirements.
You will find quotes from all well known companies operating in your State on your screen. Do not be surprised to find a significant variation between the prices that you pay and the price offered by the cheapest insurance company.

More often than not, you are unable to take advantage of this competition. With the help of multiple insurance quotes, you can make use of the competition to pay the smallest amount for your insurance. Once you have this information in your hand, you can either drive a tough bargain with your landlord and bring down your rent or pay the high rent without any financial problems.

If you are worried about the time that this process would require, then keep in mind that multiple insurance quotes operate on the web and web never shuts down. It is open all round the year. Hence, there’s nothing stopping you from getting the estimates after you come back from office or before you go to work.