Protecting Your House and Home

If you live in a neighborhood where you are constantly looking over your shoulder and feeling unsafe, it might be time to invest in a non-expensive method for home protection. Home alarm systems are usually an expensive investment, but there are alternatives you can take that cost less and may work just as good. Here are the top measures for protecting your home without breaking your bank.

#1: Lock all windows and doors. Did you know that unlocked windows and doors provide the top way that burglars break into a house? And it’s still one of the top ways that a thief breaks in, simply because it’s so obvious that most people forget to do it. Get into a habit of checking all your windows and doors every night before you go to bed. If you lock your door or double check that porch window, you might just turn a thief or two away.

#2: Fake Alarm System signs. This one might not be the best one, but it actually has worked for several homeowners. The key here is to make it look professional. If you get a sign that looks just like the real thing, and add matching stickers to your windows or doors, you’ll be a little more protected against uninvited guests.

#3: Store your valuables and money in the bank. If a burglar gets wind that you have a family heirloom from Grandma worth several thousand tucked away inside your bedroom, he might be ready to stop at nothing to get it. This is an effective way to keep the burglars away. You might be surprised if you knew just how much a burglar is able to find out.

#4: Buy motion sensing devices for your lawn and yard. One cost effective measure you can use to protect your home and property is a motion-sensing floodlight. A bright flood of light instantly turning on when motion is detected is enough to scare an intruder away. For a mere $50 you can get a Designers Edge super bright LED motion activated floodlight. The sealed sensor on the Designers Edge floodlights are protected against any kind of weather condition and the LED itself is guaranteed to last for no less than 50,000 hours.